SOAR Art Show ::Updated::

The SOAR (Skokie Outstanding Artists Recognition) show went amazing!  We had such a phenomenal turnout: I have to thank all the parents, family members, and friends who came out to support our students.  Thank you!!  We received so many compliments on our work!  In fact, I noticed several students from other schools taking pictures of our student work, which to me, indicates that our students did an outstanding job!  And several teachers came up to me as well to compliment our work, as did the Skokie Fine Arts Commission Chairman: Andrea Siegel.  What an honor!

Our fabulous HT artists that were honored were:

  • Kindergarten: Rina Felemovicius
  • 1st Grade: Aaron Gelb
  • 2nd Grade: Shaina Lennon and Joshua Zaff
  • 5th Grade: Anna Meyer
  • 6th Grade: Andrew Bersson, Emma Felix, Kayla Kupietzky, Hersch Linzer, Audrey Perlman, Cara Rosenberg, Adam Schwartz, Charlie Singer, Noah Strahlberg, and Phoebe Wolmark
  • 8th Grade: Noi Cohen, Tehilah David, Danni Glass, Josh Goltz and Simone Miller

Please take a look at our work!  We had several projects on display such as our Under the Sea paintings [grades k-2] done by Rina Felemovicius & Aaron Gelb.  Pop Art Print Trends [grades 6-8] done by Hersch Linzer, Audrey Perlman, Cara Rosenberg, & Noah Strahlberg, and Josh Goltz.  Matisse Still Life Paintings [grades k-2] done by Shaina Lennon & Joshua Zaf.  Oil Pastel Still Life Studies [grades 6-8] done by Adam Schwartz, Charlie Singer & Simone Miller.  Tessellations [grades 6-8] done by Andrew Bersson & Cara Rosenberg.  My Favorite Meal Food Collage [Grade 5] done by Anna Meyer.  Self-Portraits [grades 6 & 7) created by Emma Felix & Kayla Kupietzky.  And Water Color Experiments created by Noi Cohen.

Congratulations to our fabulous artists!!  And parents, if you have any more pics of the SOAR show, please email me and I will be happy to include them in this blog!