Blind Contour Line Self-Portraits & Piet Mondrian

This week was a full week of art!  Currently, 3-5th grade have been working on self-portraits in a variety of ways.  The first technique they learned was called a “blind contour line” portrait, which is when students used a mirror to illustrate their own face, but the catch was – they could NOT look down at their paper OR lift their pencil up.  It had to be done in one long continuous line.  This made for lots of challenging fun!


Next students were allowed to look at their paper while they worked, but they still had to use one long continuous contour line.

And finally, they were asked to create a “normal” self-portrait, paying extra special attention to their features that make them unique such as birthmarks, freckles, braces, dimples, glasses, etc.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of visiting the nursery school this week where I taught the little ones about Piet Mondrian and his use of primary colors.

It was a very lovely and eventful week!

Projects in Progress

The Donut Club

Inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere, even through a deep supply closet cleaning.  This past week, while organizing my supply closet, I came across a package of rigid wrap and then all of a sudden it hit me!  We will create paper mache donuts during clubs!  Clubs is a weekly session our junior high students get to take unique classes such as yoga, cooking class, and Art!  🙂


Students were shown how to create the base of the donut by twisting and wrapping paper around their hand, followed by wrapping their donut shape with masking tape.

Next week will wrap our donuts with the rigid tape to make them extra sturdy!  Stay tuned!


In our regular art classes, 6th and 7th grades are currently working on self-portraits.  Students viewed a slideshow of several famous artists that are known for their self portraits: Van Gogh, Picasso, and my personal favorite: Frida Kahlo.

I showed the students how to use this awesome site called  We uploaded our pictures onto the site and it broke our photos up into larger scale print which we printed out.  Next, students were shown how to use carbon paper and we traced our photos onto a large sheet of white paper.  Check out our progress so far!  They are looking pretty cool…

Next week students will add words that describe their personality to fill the background.

4A Weavings

I rotated the weaving project between the two 4th grade classes.  And this week it is now 4A’s turn to weave.  They are doing a fantastic job so far.  I also created some threading “needles” out of cardboard to help with the process.

Check out some of the finished results from 4B!

First Day of Art Class 08/27/15

The first day of art was awesome!  I taught 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th grade.  The students have overall been very sweet and welcoming.  Our school year is destined for greatness.

Grades K-2 are getting to play with clay this week.  In the past, this has been my reward for well-behaved classes but I figured it would be nice to start the school year off with this project so they may see what kind of treats are in store for this year in art.  Needless to say the little ones LOVED it…

Jack and Aaron working diligently
Skyler showing off her creation
Meira and Levia adding texture to their clay creations
Mia working hard
Aaron showing off his clay creation!
Benjamin and Yair collaborated!
Orli is VERY focused!


And 4th, 5th, and 8th grade created self-portraits.  We tried to create the features that make us unique whether it’s birthmarks, eye wear, braces, etc.  They did a very nice job and most of them tried very hard!

Ray and Matanel showing off their work
Noam is very gifted!
Micah did a GREAT job
Micah and Yakira are very focused
Josh and Lirit making great work
Loving Milo’s nametag and his portrait!
Gabriel did a great job