Painting Galore!

These last few days have been filled with lots and LOTS of paint…and if you teach art – you know that paint = mess = fun = lots of work.  I usually spread my painting projects out so that they aren’t occurring simultaneously, but that just hasn’t been the case this week and I’m totally fine with that!  My tables are looking beautiful, bright and abstract!

This week I’m having kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade play with primary colors.  I took rolling pins and covered them with bubble wrap and asked the little ones to cover their pins with red, yellow, and blue paint.  Then they were able to have at their papers by gently rolling the pin up and down their large white paper.  They were so excited to see the variety of colors they were getting.


The results have been beautiful!


We will add more to the dried pieces next week, but that is a surprise!


This week with 5th grade, I’m having 5B create color wheels.  I typically save color wheels and paint mixing for 6th grade, but I felt this group was up for the challenge, and they definitely were.


Look at the concentration on those faces!


I of course can not end this post without mentioning our school’s Purim celebration last week!  We had some amazing, amazing costumes: the creativity was out of this world!  I only wish I was able to get more pictures…

Here were some of my favorites:

And here was my costume:


What do YOU think I am??

A New Resolution!

I have admittedly had a harder time updating with all the activities and days off we’ve been having with Fridays.  Fridays are typically my updating day.  However, I attended the NAEA (National Art Educators Association) conference this past weekend at McCormick place and I came back totally inspired (even more so ;))  and absolutely dedicated to the idea of regular consistent updates, even if it kills me!!

I attended a lecture on Art Teacher Blogging, which was led by the phenomenonal Cassie Stephens, Phyllis Brown, and Laura Lohmann  All incredible art teachers and totally inspiring.  I even had the opportunity to take a picture with Phyl who I am sure was like “Who is this crazy lady asking for pic?”  Anyways here we are and I look completely geeked (which I was!)


I can’t wait to share some of the techniques, lessons, and ideas I’ve gained from the NAEA conference in my lessons to come!


Anyhoo, going back to the Picasso lesson I taught not too far back: the results are in and they are…drum roll please: …..STUNNING!

I’ll guide you through the steps/process I took for this lesson.  First I had the students illustrate faces and color them in using coloring blocking.  This lesson was altered for the nursery school students since obviously their fine motor skills are a bit limited.   Then I had them cut their faces up and rearrange to create a face in the style of the Marvelous Pablo Picasso.  Gluing them onto black paper made for a more dramatic effect.  This lesson is great because it can be tweaked and altered for ages 3-10.

Here are a few more results!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday despite these clouds and forecasted rain.  Up NEXT: Purim!!!