Parents…Gotta Love ‘Em!

I sincerely appreciate when I have students that are crazy, enthusiastic about Art…it only further cements the reason of why I became an art teacher.  So when I had a student approach me last week , bursting with excitement over an idea she had for an art lesson – I of course, was all ears.  She suggested making tie-dye pillow cases for passover using sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol.  Sounded cool enough for me – I was in!

Luckily for the students, school and myself, her mother sponsored the project and also came in to give a demonstration for the students!  How cool?? So this is what we did:

Students were supplied with white cotton pillowcases and given a variety of sharpie markers.  We put a big piece of cardboard in the pillowcase to keep the markers from going through to the other side. The students were encouraged to come up with abstract designs that they wouldn’t mind “bleeding”, meaning that the ink would spread once we hit it with some rubbing alcohol.

We used spray bottles and droppers to distribute the alcohol once their sharpie marker designs were completed to their liking.  The kids loved this project due to the freedom of design and the “coolness” of the rubbing alcohol spreading the ink.  A couple of tips for those who would like to try this – definitely do the alcohol portion of the lesson outdoors if possible or somewhere that has amazing ventilation – the smell of alcohol is pretty powerful.  Also if you would like the design to bleed through to the other side – simply pull the cardboard out of the pillow case and then distribute the alcohol.  When the alcohol spreads it will automatically soak through to the other side of the pillow case and color it as well.

A BIG, BIG thanks to Shani Jacobs for sponsoring our Tie-Dye Passover pillows and to Dalia Jacobs for coming up with the brilliant idea!