Welcome Back!!

Students, parents, family and friends:  welcome back for another fabulous year of creativity and learning!  I am so excited for what’s in store for this upcoming school year!  This summer I put a lot of time and energy into developing an amazing curriculum for the HT students.  I feel very confident that the students and I will have a wonderful, artistic journey this school year.

There will be an email going out soon informing you all of a few good “Things to Know”, so please be on the lookout…

A few bullet points of that email will include:

  • My new last name
  • Sketchbook policy
  • Portfolio system
  • how long it typically takes to create an art work
  • dates that art will be sent home

As always, I am thrilled to be working with your children and am super appreciative of all the support!  Can’t wait to CREATE!!

….here’s a few pics of Kindergarten [KC] on their first day in the art classroom…


The Exciting New Road Ahead of Us!

Greetings all!

Photo on 4-21-15 at 12.57 PM #2

I would love to introduce myself as the new art teacher for Hillel Torah Day School – my name is Ms. Calleros.  A little bit about myself:

  • I have been teaching art for 10 years now: beginning at age 19 in local art centers and my last 5 years being in Chicago
  • I am a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • I am also a Chicago native


  • my favorite art practice is darkroom photography

  • my favorite painter is Henri Matisse

  • my favorite color is purple


Of course there is plenty more but I will save that for the classroom and over the course of the school year as I get to know the students, faculty and parents 🙂

My expectations for the children is that they have as much fun possible creating art in a controlled and nurturing environment.  I love for my students to be prepared, present, and participating!  And by present – I mean physically and mentally 😉  I understand that some may not be as artistically inclined as others, however I expect everyone to at least try their hardest.  Practice does make perfect and believe it or not – I have had many students during my career that went from disliking art and believing they weren’t good….to absolutely LOVING it!!

One of my favorite topics in art is the “Self – Portrait” and parents normally love this as well because let’s face it – our children grow…FAST and it’s always incredible to have an artwork that your child made of themselves.  With that being said I will begin the school year by taking a photograph of your child so that we we may use it throughout the school year whenever we work on self-portrait projects.

self-portrait-1889-1 self-portrait-1907 self-portrait-with-bonito-1941

I am excited for the road ahead of us and I am sure that we all have a wonderful, creative experience this year!  I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

-Ms. Calleros