Camp Chi Trip

The past 3 days – Ms. Calleros was M.I.A. in the art classroom.  Why you ask?  Because I went to Camp Chi with 6th grade!!!  It was tiring – but of course: AMAZING.  I absolutely LOVE Wisconsin Dells.  The terrain over there is stunning.

We had numerous activities planned for the students.  The activity I led, was a weaving project that used sticks collected from the forest (after dousing myself in bug spray).  The project is called God’s Eye and it’s actually a weaving style that originated in Mexico.  The kids got super into it and it’s really quite easy and beautiful.  The only difficulty is finding straight sticks….not as easy of a find as you’d think!

Excellent work ladies and gentlemen!!!

We finished our trip with a ride on the Wisconsin Dell ducks which are these boats that drive on land and water!


It was a blast!  Now we’ve only got 7.5 days left of school!!  Where did the school year go??