I Have a Dream…

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I asked my 3rd grade class to create artwork based on their own dreams.  I asked the students to trace their own hand and I showed them how to add some more realistic features, such as fingernails and knuckles.

I then had the kids create a dream bubble and asked them to illustrate their own dreams inside the bubble.  I left it pretty open ended.  I encouraged them to think of dreams that are good for mankind, but if that was not their cup of tea, then they were more than welcome to use their own ideas.  This of course made for some hilarious results as well as some super sweet and endearing ones.

Please take a look at what we created this past week.



6th and 8th Grade are continuing with their tessellation artwork and they are turning out SO cool!


Cara Rosenburg is currently working on a moose tessellation!  AMAZING!!  The final results should be ready by next week so stay tuned!!

Welcome to 2017!

2017 is looking very promising!  The Art room is about to have a wonderful new addition to the program in the next couple months and I’d like to keep it a little secret until it’s officially here.  The suspense shouldn’t last too long because I am anticipating our new addition in a few weeks: so bear with me!

This week I got to visit the “Little Littles”, as I call them, at the Nursery school.  My trip up to the North Woods of Wisconsin over Winter Break (which was FULL of snow), inspired me to create a snowman project for my Nursery school students.  Although we didn’t have snow at the time, ya’ll know it’s just a matter of time before we do!  This is winter in Chicago we’re talking about over here!


I asked the Little Littles to arrange their snowmen in the “correct order” smallest circle to biggest and they had to glue them down.  We added hats, scarves, eyes, carrot nose, and arms.

We finished by adding Snow with white paint all around the snowman for an extra wintery effect!

This project had a variety of elements: cutting and using scissors for the 4 year olds, arranging by size, gluing, assembling, and painting.  It was all in all, a very good project for the age group with super cute results!

….Meanwhile back in the main building… 

6th & 8th grade are learning about M.C. Escher and tessellations!



I taught the students how to make their own tessellations and I’ve got to say: they got so into it you could hear a pin drop in the classroom.  They were amazed at the fact that they were able to create something that could fit perfectly from all directions.

They will get to figure what their tessellations resemble next week!

William Wegman, Paper Weaving and Collage Galore!

We are back from yet another break and ready to get back into action…that is until we break again on December 23rd 🙂 !  My kindergarten students have been watching one of my FAVORITE art videos of all time: William Wegman’s alphabet soup!

The kids get such a kick out it because, C’mon!  …It’s dog heads on human bodies!!  The students were provided with dog heads and asked to illustrate a human body underneath it.


In 6th grade we have been working on creative collages.  I was really inspired by these images and thought it would be cool to do a project inspired by them.

I provided the 6th grade students with animal eyes.  They had the option of either owl or alligator eyes…and they were asked to create a collaged version of their animal.

This one was created by Emma Felix!


And to end this weeks recap: 1st-3rd have been working on paper weavings.  This is really a lovely, tactile project that involves eye-hand coordination, and pattern identification A.K.A. GREAT project for little ones!!

They were so into it!  Awesome week boys and girls!  #SoProud

Contemporary Collage

We are officially on a mini Thanksgiving break and I wanted to be sure that my 5th graders were able to finish up their collage faces inspired by contemporary artist Wangechi Mutu.  Students were introduced to the genre of Surrealist Art first, through a slideshow that showcased artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.

I asked my 5th graders to be creative when it came to creating their collage faces.  They had to construct a face that only used 2-3 human features at most and they had to be “innovative” with the rest.  They did not disappoint!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with lots of food & love!!

P.S!  Parents, I am accepting donations in the forms of magazines!  My current stock of magazines are cut up, used and abused – we are in desperate need of some fresh ones please.  If anyone has any magazines at home or at an office that they can donate to the art program – it would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated 🙂

It’s Texturrrrrreeee!!

The last few weeks in grades k-1, we have been really focusing on the element of Texture!  I have introduced this element in a variety of ways, beginning with listing texture qualities, feeling smooth, bumpy, soft objects, etc.  We played with clay, made texture rubbings using leaves and self-made texture plates, and we finished by making stamps, illustrating cacti and even watching a video on a singing cactus!  The song is incredibly catchy and the students found themselves singing it as they left the room: so parents if you heard your kids singing this song at home, this is why!

Take a look below at all the wonderful texture projects we’ve done throughout the last few weeks!

Healthy Body Healthy Soul Art Contest and So Much More!

Dear Parents, Students, and fellow blog readers,

First off, please know that if I do not get to post, it is because I am swamped with projects for the week.  Well, well, well….this has been quite an electrifying month: coming back from Sukkot Break, the 2016 Election, and of course the Cubbies winning the World Serieeeeeees!!!  Such an exciting time for our city!  All of the above have been themes throughout the school and we have been intertwining art throughout these projects, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally.  There’s just no way around what is going on in the world!  Which was why it seemed like a perfect fit that I begin an unit on Pop Art with the 5th-8th graders.

I explained to the upper grade students what Pop Art was and showed them a slideshow of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein, all the while emphasizing on how pop art subject matter is about what was “POPULAR” during the current time frame.  I asked students to think about what was popular RIGHT NOW in today’s day and age and to consider fashion trends, name brands, food brands, celebrities, technology etc.  I have got to say we have got some AMAZINGLY bright kids in this school: their ideas were just phenomenal and considering I have taught in a few schools: this is definitely a compliment!

So we made multiple prints in the style of Andy Warhol and check out this amazing subject matter!!!

Lastly and most importantly: we announced our Healthy Body Healthy Soul winners today at the school Assembly.  It was such a tough decision as we had so many wonderful submissions!  But the winners did such a great job and I am super grateful for all that participated!  Good Job you guys (and girls!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are our grand prize winners!!!   ….Drum roll please……

Ayelet Klein Photography Winner (2nd Grade)
Boaz Stopek K-3 Winner (3rd Grade)
Yosef Norman 4-8 Winner (4th Grade)

Congratulations!  Winners won $10 gift certificates to Michael’s.

What’s going on in 4th-8th Grades

As promised, I am here to share with you what is going on with the older kids!  We always begin the school year working on color theory.  My goal is for the students to have a complete understanding for how color choices can affect their art.  Students created all 12 colors on the color wheel using just the 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.  They then cut those out and arranged them in the color wheel fashion.

Next: students worked on value paintings.  This was a quick lesson where they got familiar with adding black and white paint to get darker and lighter values.

They did a marvelous job!  I was super impressed!

In Clubs, we are getting into our 3-D portion of art.  I show the students how to create a variety of features using cardboard.  We, cut, assembled, glued and taped.  The following week, we paper mached over the features.  Our last and final week will be used for painting in the features.  I think they will look SO COOL when we are done and I can’t wait to display them.

Lastly, I introduced 4th grade to Zentangle.  I love introducing 4th grade to Zentangle because it’s an excellent way of teaching students about the element of Line.  They LOVE watching Youtube tutorials of Zentangle patterns.  I think it’s pretty inspirational 🙂

Just look at all this awesome art!

The Dot

Hello Parents, Students, & Blog readers!

Thank you for bearing with me and continuing to tune in despite my absence these past 2 weeks.  The month of September had not started off kindest to me, however it is getting better – and just in time for Rosh Hashana!  🙂

I like to begin the school year with introducing my pre-nursery – 3rd graders to the book called The Dot.  It’s a fabulous story about a little girl who is frustrated with art and doesn’t believe she’s good, only to later discover that she is really, indeed fantastic.

the dot


I really love how this lesson translates across grades, and it’s really incredible for me to watch how students of various ages, execute the project.

The nursery school students used primary color paint and corks to stamp dots all over their paper.  They get to see how colors mix and make other colors (just like Vashti in the book!).


Kids in grades k-3 do their project a little differently.  They use circular objects to make “dots”.  I show them how they can put dots inside dots, overlap dots, put dots behind dots, etc.  And then I explain how the picture will not look like anything in particular, and I seize the opportunity to tell them about abstract art,  using the artist Jackson Pollock as reference.  The kids get so into it and they made art that just blew me away!


Please stay tuned so I can share with you what the kids in our upper graders are doing!

Fun with Paper Sculptures & Watercolor Experiments

Art Class is in full-swing at Hillel Torah!  Right now 5th-8th grade is working on “watercolor experiments”.  Students get to play around with mixing colors and see what kind of cool effects they can get when they sprinkle salt and drop rubbing alcohol onto their paintings.  They have been so engaged in this art making experiment.

I have been assessing kindergarten through second grade by having them practice line varieties i.e. straight, wiggly, zig zag, etc.  This gives me great insight into their capabilities and what areas I can help them along.  Of course I have to make this process fun for them, and what better way than to have them make paper sculptures?!  I showed the kids how to make “curly paper”, zig-zag paper, and different shapes.  Next I asked them to glue them together and create an “Abstract Paper sculpture”.  They had a blast – and so did I by just watching them enjoy themselves.