Tiny Winter Villages & 8th Grade Collagraphs

Just in time for the chilly temperatures, k-4 have begun working on their “winter villages”.  I demonstrated to the students how to design, cut and create their own little villages.  What it made it even more fun, was that they had complete freedom when it came time for building.





8th grade is ending the year with a collagraph printing project.  They were asked to design a symbol that represents them.  The results were pretty cool.



What’s going on in 4th-8th Grades

As promised, I am here to share with you what is going on with the older kids!  We always begin the school year working on color theory.  My goal is for the students to have a complete understanding for how color choices can affect their art.  Students created all 12 colors on the color wheel using just the 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.  They then cut those out and arranged them in the color wheel fashion.

Next: students worked on value paintings.  This was a quick lesson where they got familiar with adding black and white paint to get darker and lighter values.

They did a marvelous job!  I was super impressed!

In Clubs, we are getting into our 3-D portion of art.  I show the students how to create a variety of features using cardboard.  We, cut, assembled, glued and taped.  The following week, we paper mached over the features.  Our last and final week will be used for painting in the features.  I think they will look SO COOL when we are done and I can’t wait to display them.

Lastly, I introduced 4th grade to Zentangle.  I love introducing 4th grade to Zentangle because it’s an excellent way of teaching students about the element of Line.  They LOVE watching Youtube tutorials of Zentangle patterns.  I think it’s pretty inspirational 🙂

Just look at all this awesome art!

Value Studies

The last few weeks I’ve been teaching the eighth graders about Value.  If you’re not familiar with art lingo – Value is the darkness and lightness of a single color.

There are many ways to accomplish value in art.  You can do it with pencil, crayon, or colored pencil, by either applying little to very hard pressure when coloring. If you can master this technique – your illustrations are guaranteed to look all the more realistic.


Achieving value with paint can be a bit trickier because it requires some color theory knowledge and a good eye when it comes to mixing paints.

Eighth graders were asked to create a 5 layered landscape which were painted in using a value scale – from light to dark.

 wpid-wp-1447428900996.jpg wpid-wp-1447428866075.jpg wpid-wp-1447428870160.jpg wpid-wp-1447428874261.jpg wpid-wp-1447428880521.jpg wpid-wp-1447428884197.jpg wpid-wp-1447428896431.jpg wpid-wp-1447428889335.jpg

I was pretty pleased with their results.

Noam Yagel 8B
Levi Kreimer 8B
Ally Meiselman 8B

I’ll post the rest when the remainder of the eighth graders are done.  🙂

This week 4th grade also began working on some value studies inside their sketchbooks – sketchbooks are definitely in use right now, so hopefully everyone has them by the next week (grades 3-7)!

Grades 5-8 are working on giant Zentangle initials.  Here is an example of what they may look like when they’re complete.


wpid-wp-1447428919630.jpg wpid-wp-1447428914248.jpg

wpid-wp-1447428909308.jpg wpid-wp-1447428927868.jpg

Kindergarten had a special clay day since they were all done with their turkeys!

wpid-wp-1447429003522.jpg wpid-wp-1447428994042.jpg wpid-wp-1447428984001.jpg wpid-wp-1447428977696.jpg wpid-wp-1447428968861.jpg wpid-wp-1447428960853.jpg wpid-wp-1447428948979.jpg wpid-wp-1447428943948.jpg wpid-wp-1447428937516.jpg

They love Clay day – I mean who doesn’t??