Hello All!  My name is Ms. Natalie Calleros.  My art teaching career began at age 19 when I volunteered to co-teach classes at a local art center located in South Chicago.  The art director there, who later became my mentor, suggested I study art education since I had a knack for it and lo-and-behold: here I am now!  My art career has included non-for-profit art centers, after school programming, and 4 years in Chicago Public Schools.

My art knowledge includes painting, sculpting, ceramics, fashion illustration and design, mixed media, screen printing, etching, and my primary focus and main love is old school photography.  I could spend hours in the dark room!

This blog was created with the intent of keeping the parents and students of Hillel Torah informed of the happenings inside the Art Classroom.  Fine art classes are led by Ms. Calleros, a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The ultimate goal is to create an environment that nurtures creativity and fosters the ability to come up with creative solutions to everyday situations…and of course: make beautiful artwork at the same time!

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