Dear Hillel Torah Community,

It has been an absolute honor working your children these past 2 and half years.  During my time here I was blessed to assist and watch your children develop their artistic talents.  I sincerely hope that they will take something away from our time together and I wish everyone all the best.  As many of you know, I am moving on to the next chapter of my life, in a move that is best for my family.  I will miss the Hillel Torah community very, very much.  I trust that your children will end up in the fantastic hands of a new art teacher.

So to end our time together on a happy note, I would like to share with you all, some of my favorite moments in the HT Art Classroom.

Favorite Memory No. 1

The Kiln Addition…..

We were blessed by the PTA to add a kiln to the art department.  Students in grades k-2 created a 3D ladybug.  They were obsessed!




Favorite Memory No. 2

Faces and Vases Project

In this project, 5th and 6th grade learned about positive and negative space and optical illusions.  The end results were super cool.




Favorite Memory No. 3

Pop Art Prints

Students studied the work of Andy Warhol and his interest with modern day pop culture.  Students selected something they found relevant to their time and made multiple prints of it.  Their choice of subject matter was SUPER impressive.



Favorite Memory No. 4

Wisconsin Trip with 6th Grade

My first year here, I was honored to join 6th grade on their trip to Wisconsin.  It was so scenic and beautiful and I had a blast with my colleagues and the kids.  We also created these beautiful “God’s Eye” weavings using sticks we found in the woods.




Favorite Memory No. 5

After School Ceramics

Upon our kiln addition, we were able to have an after school ceramics class.  This was SUCH a fun group of kids to work with and they made some beautiful pieces!



Favorite Memory No. 6

Matisse Projects

I always love introducing students to my favorite artist of all time: Henri Matisse.  


Favorite Memory No. 7


I love this holiday!  I seen so many creative and awesome costumes!  The Rappin’ Rabbi may have been one of my faves!


Favorite Memory No. 8

STEAM Drawbots

Finally, this year I hit the jackpot in the Art Lesson dept!  I taught students how to create “Drawbots” and it was quite a hit!


Again, thank you all for the wonderful memories and I wish you all the very, VERY best!

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