I may have discovered the diamond of all art projects….DrawBots!!!  Students have been going NUTS (in the best way possible) over this project.  4th through 8th grade have been designing, creating and building their own robots that draw abstract designs.  They are to design their DrawBot in their sketchbooks, followed by working as  team with their table-mates, building and constructing a DrawBot that works.  It truly is a sight to see when the kids get their DrawBot to work.  The excitement is tremendous.  See for yourself!  There are plenty of videos below of the DrawBots in action. 🙂


Students get to see the following before designing their DrawBot.


This project is truly awesome because it encourages creativity, building, and teamwork…not to mention is also a STEAM project!  And parents, if your kids come home asking for an electric toothbrush, don’t fret: they’re only $3 at Walmart!

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