Lots-N-Lots of Ladybugs

We are on a theme right now with the younger grades, and that is Ladybugs…ladybugs in 3D versions and 2D versions.

As you seen in the previous post, the students created a 3D ladybug using the clay.  To keep with our theme, I had kindergarten create a collagraph version of a ladybug.  They had to also draw their ladybug’s “habitat” (we’re using fancy words here!).  We then used printing ink and rollers to create a stamped work of art.  It’s an advanced art technique, but our kindergarteners were totally able to rise to the challenge.  And they turned out beautiful

Take a look at our collagraphs!


We are now moving on the “glazing” process of ceramics.  2nd grade began the glazing process of their ladybug.


And last but not least here is our lovely kiln with freshly bisqued artwork!  Isn’t just lovely.  The kids have been so excited to see their pieces bisqued!

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