Good Weather = Good Day for Outdoor Art

This week we were fortunate to have some amazing weather!!  Thank you April! As much as I love to be outdoors, sometimes the projects we’re working on, just can’t be brought outside (wind, paint, MESS, etc.)….but NOT THIS WEEK!  5th grade is finishing up their weaving projects, and the wonderful thing about weaving, is that you can do it just about anywhere.  So we gathered our materials and went outside…


I hope May is good to us too and we can take our artmaking outside again.


This week in afterschool ceramics, we are creating coil pots….and although I have a tendency to love everything the students create, I REALLY, REALLY love these.  Even the kids commented how much cooler they look when they’re done vs first starting out…just goes to show, that you can’t really judge your artwork until it’s done.


Take a look!


Welcome Back!! Hooray for Clay!

It’s absolutely refreshing to be back after a wonderful 2 week break.  I hope everyone had a lovely Pesach break!  Right  before we went on break, my after school ceramics program had just started.  I’ve got a great group of kids and we hit the ground running on our first day.  We learned about “wedging” clay and created our first piece which is a texture pinch pot.


They look really Great and I can’t wait for when the kids will get to GLAZE their work!

Now that we are back from break, I am beginning to introduce clay to most of the grades.  We are beginning by learning clay vocabulary such as greenware, leatherware, bisque, slip, score, coil, and slab.  I then let the students play with the clay so they can get familiar with the texture, since it is different from the modeling clay we have used in the past.


:::  Apparently I took a video, but it turned out so cute: I had to share 🙂  :::

Look at the adorable lady bugs kindergarten made today in art!!  Can’t wait to create more ceramics with HT!