Healthy Body Healthy Soul Art Contest and So Much More!

Dear Parents, Students, and fellow blog readers,

First off, please know that if I do not get to post, it is because I am swamped with projects for the week.  Well, well, well….this has been quite an electrifying month: coming back from Sukkot Break, the 2016 Election, and of course the Cubbies winning the World Serieeeeeees!!!  Such an exciting time for our city!  All of the above have been themes throughout the school and we have been intertwining art throughout these projects, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally.  There’s just no way around what is going on in the world!  Which was why it seemed like a perfect fit that I begin an unit on Pop Art with the 5th-8th graders.

I explained to the upper grade students what Pop Art was and showed them a slideshow of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein, all the while emphasizing on how pop art subject matter is about what was “POPULAR” during the current time frame.  I asked students to think about what was popular RIGHT NOW in today’s day and age and to consider fashion trends, name brands, food brands, celebrities, technology etc.  I have got to say we have got some AMAZINGLY bright kids in this school: their ideas were just phenomenal and considering I have taught in a few schools: this is definitely a compliment!

So we made multiple prints in the style of Andy Warhol and check out this amazing subject matter!!!

Lastly and most importantly: we announced our Healthy Body Healthy Soul winners today at the school Assembly.  It was such a tough decision as we had so many wonderful submissions!  But the winners did such a great job and I am super grateful for all that participated!  Good Job you guys (and girls!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are our grand prize winners!!!   ….Drum roll please……

Ayelet Klein Photography Winner (2nd Grade)
Boaz Stopek K-3 Winner (3rd Grade)
Yosef Norman 4-8 Winner (4th Grade)

Congratulations!  Winners won $10 gift certificates to Michael’s.

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