Fun with Paper Sculptures & Watercolor Experiments

Art Class is in full-swing at Hillel Torah!  Right now 5th-8th grade is working on “watercolor experiments”.  Students get to play around with mixing colors and see what kind of cool effects they can get when they sprinkle salt and drop rubbing alcohol onto their paintings.  They have been so engaged in this art making experiment.

I have been assessing kindergarten through second grade by having them practice line varieties i.e. straight, wiggly, zig zag, etc.  This gives me great insight into their capabilities and what areas I can help them along.  Of course I have to make this process fun for them, and what better way than to have them make paper sculptures?!  I showed the kids how to make “curly paper”, zig-zag paper, and different shapes.  Next I asked them to glue them together and create an “Abstract Paper sculpture”.  They had a blast – and so did I by just watching them enjoy themselves.

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