…and it’s time for Picasso!

When I first started teaching, I was shocked to see the amount of students who did not know who Pablo Picasso was.  I just took it for granted that everybody knew this amazing artist.  Well it’s safe to say that I no longer assume anything and so now, to give the students a head start, I try to introduce Pablo Picasso as early as kindergarten.

I begin by reading the kids a few pages of the book: Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists – Picasso.


Students learned about Picasso’s father being an art teacher, how he had a blue period and a rose period, and one of his most popular art movements: cubism.

We studied the following paintings:

Next, I had the kiddies draw a face using a few of Picasso’s trademark facial features: noses with nostrils and eyelashes, etc.

I’m teaching this lesson up to 4th grade.  I always like to see how projects can transition throughout the grade levels.

Next week we will cut up the faces and arrange them a mumbled/jumbled way in a similar fashion of the amazing Pablo Picasso.


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