Wayne Thiebaud, Mondrian, and a Selfie-stick

Dessert is absolutely my most favorite part of any meal.  This Thanksgiving, while making a dessert for my family dinner, I was reminded of the artist Wayne Thiebaud who is most famous for his paintings of pies and cakes. Theibaud’s most expenisve painting sold in 2013 for 6.5 million dollars.  8th graders practiced illustrating a variety of desserts and then created a final copy on a sheet of black paper and colored with oil pastels.

I am currently working on a giant menorah for the auditorium and I wanted the students to be apart of the creation of it.  I asked 3rd and 5th grade to design and create each of the 9 menorah candles.  Some groups went a more abstract route while others went a more design oriented route.  When it is assembled, it should be very colorful, and hopefully beautiful.


4th graders are finishing up their 3-D hand projects and they did such a nice job.  I also tested out my recently purchased selfie-stick.  It takes some great aerial view photos.  😉


This week I visited the itty bitties at the nursery school and taught them all about the artist Mondrian and how he used primary colors: red, yellow, and blue then we got to work on our own Mondrian inspired art work.

This was a great art week.  Here are some extra photos of kindergarten being extra creative with their clay (which by the way – as the school year progresses, my students tend to get extremely creative with their clay manipulation) and 5th grade completing their beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Zentangles.

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