3-D Hands

This week I have introduced 4th grade to value studies and we are learning about this with a fun 3-D hand project.  This is done in their sketchbook, so parents: you will  be able to see their process –  Wooohooo.

This project has been a major hit with my students in the past.  They can’t believe how 3-D it looks when they are done.  It took us 1 day to trace our hands, create the lines, and trace with a marker.  It’ll take us about 2 more weeks to get the coloring done as well – the coloring will make it look even more impressive.

I have my second group of Art Star kids and they are creating the same project as the previous group: the Surrealist Collages.  We have some very creative kids at this school – I must say.

Lastly, kindergarten created some cute little Tipis in honor of Thanksgiving.  We first created the plains that the Native Americans lived on and created our Tipis using the same line designs we had practiced on our Turkeys.

Thanksgiving is ALMOST here!!  I hope you all have a Lovely, lovely Thanksgiving break!


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