A New Addition to the Art Room…

I am so excited to introduce 2 new additions to my art room: they are an Elmo Document Camera and a projector.  An Elmo document camera is pretty much a camera that films how I am painting/drawing in live time and the projector projects it on the board.  The students are now able to watch how I draw something in a movie-style format.  It’s so cool.  It’s also EXTREMELY helpful because Art is such a visual subject.  Sometimes words can only get you so far and students need to be able to SEE it in order to DO it.  It’s so helpful when I’m giving illustration demos.



This week I began a Turkey lesson for kindergarten through 2nd grade.  I had the bodies of the turkey pre-illustrated and the students added feathers.  I had them practice drawing a variety of line styles such as zig-zag, wavy, swirly, loopy, straight, diagnol, vertical, horizontal, dotted, and curved.  Lots of lines for lots of feathers!

my example

Here are the kiddos working on their turkeys.

wpid-wp-1446217176445.jpg wpid-wp-1446217176444.jpg wpid-wp-1446217176412.jpg wpid-wp-1446219922201.jpg wpid-wp-1446219916365.jpg wpid-wp-1446219905342.jpg wpid-wp-1446219897283.jpg

Owls are complete and they look so precious.  Owls are really an adorable bird.  I’ve been watching youtube videos of them and I think I’d like to have one as a pet except I’m not sure how I’d like it flying around my house…so maybe not…

wpid-wp-1446217176080.jpg wpid-wp-1446217176241.jpg wpid-wp-1446217176413.jpg wpid-wp-1446220129098.jpg

3-D’ish pumpkins are all the rage right now.  Students are super amazed at how beautiful they look when they’re complete.  They are very, VERY proud.

wpid-wp-1446220180036.jpg wpid-wp-1446220174418.jpg wpid-wp-1446220161966.jpg wpid-wp-1446220157598.jpg wpid-wp-1446220152811.jpg

wpid-wp-1446220616362.jpg wpid-wp-1446220613528.jpg wpid-wp-1446220610468.jpg wpid-wp-1446220608024.jpg wpid-wp-1446220605269.jpg

Simply Amazing.

2 thoughts on “A New Addition to the Art Room…

  1. Hi There! I just got my Elmo doc camera installed today in my art room. I was wondering what model projector you have in order to mount it to the ceiling? Were there any difficulties with that?


    1. Hi Rachel,

      The model projector I have is an Epson Powerlite 98. The computer tech at our school installed it for me. Our school has the removable ceiling panels and he used a special projector wall-mount panel. It’s been working great! I haven’t had any difficulties. The projector has a remote that I use quite frequently. I could post a picture of the projector if you’d like.


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