All Things Fall

Awwww the leaves are changing on the trees and when this happens – I just can not resist Fall art projects.  It’s the perfect time of year to talk about color schemes such as warm: red, yellow, and orange and secondary: orange, purple, and green.

Nursery students and a couple of Monday and Tuesday classes did Fall leaf rubbings.  I drove around Evanston and Skokie trying to find a variety of leaves and boy! Did I ever!  Evanston and Skokie have some beautiful trees. I brought in my assortment of leaves and laid them out on the art tables.  I showed the students how to lay the leaves with the veins of the leaf facing up (Bumpy side up) and we then placed a sheet of white paper over the leaf and rubbed our crayons over the leaf.  We used red, orange, yellow and brown crayons.  Our last step was to watercolor the blank areas of our paper – just to make the art look even more beautiful.  Students of all grades and ages loved it and I would have loved to have done this project the whole week through, but my leaves sadly dried out by Tuesday.

wpid-wp-1445814677879.jpg wpid-wp-1445814671324.jpg wpid-wp-1445814685739.jpg wpid-wp-1445814723105.jpg wpid-wp-1445814712436.jpg wpid-wp-1445814704128.jpg wpid-wp-1445814698753.jpg wpid-wp-1445814691950.jpg

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades made collage owls.  They tore up light and dark brown paper and glued them in the outline of their owl.  We finished by adding big yellow eyes and orange beaks and feet.  Something about the torn paper really gave the owls a nice feather-like texture.


4th and 5th grades illustrated fall harvest veggies and plants and colored and painted.  I spoke to the grades about secondary colors – which was perfect timing with pumpkins being orange, grass being green, etc.

wpid-wp-1445814650797.jpg wpid-wp-1445814613516.jpg wpid-wp-1445814573928.jpg wpid-wp-1445814580155.jpg wpid-wp-1445814593615.jpg wpid-wp-1445814601187.jpg wpid-wp-1445814607954.jpg wpid-wp-1445814564229.jpg wpid-wp-1445814558286.jpg wpid-wp-1445814552109.jpg wpid-wp-1445814542321.jpg wpid-wp-1445814523742.jpg

I taught them how to illustrate a 3-D pumpkin and how to add highlights for an even more convincing 3-d effect.  They did great work.  🙂  A teacher later told me that she just so happened to be working on the life cycle of a pumpkin and illustrating a pumpkin was part of the assignment.  The students were apparently VERY excited that they knew how to do this already.

I normally post on Fridays, however this past Friday I had the pleasure of helping out with The Shabbot project which was just so amazing.  It was really a unifying experience.  I hope you all are enjoying this fall season thus far – I know I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

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