Back from Sukkot Break

We are back and SO ready to get back into the swing of things!  Kids jumped right into where they had left off on projects that were started before our break.  Our clubs have also started and the art club is called Art Stars.  A lot of students have been asking me what exactly is Art Stars and what do they do?  Art Stars is term I created for my advanced art students – but in this case I use it for students that will be working on more advanced projects and are giving it their all.

My 5th grade Art Stars learned about Surrealist art and artists, contemporary artists AND collage! phew – that sounds like a lot – but they took it all in and were super interested in the slideshow I showed them.  We analyzed artwork made by Salvador Dali, Magritte, and Frida Kahlo.


Next we looked at collage artwork and then they got to work on their own collages.  We are creating portraits using magazine cutouts to form a surrealist face.

wpid-wp-1444407541973.jpg wpid-wp-1444407549996.jpg wpid-wp-1444407556603.jpg

…looking great so far!

k-2 Came back and jumped right back into their whale project.  We colored and painted and I think they’re looking pretty cute so far.

wpid-wp-1444407576630.jpg wpid-wp-1444407571457.jpg wpid-wp-1444407581270.jpg wpid-wp-1444407586421.jpg

Can’t wait for next week when I get to see ALL the classes!

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