This week in Art….

This week in art has been a continuance of the week/s prior.  Students are completing their self-portraits and most are finished.  They look so cool!  The part that seemed to be most fun for the students was when they used their neighbor as a “mirror” and the neighbor would help them pinpoint the location of their unique features such as beauty marks and dimples.   The kids have been asking to take their self-portraits home already, but I’d like to hang a few them up around the school first 🙂 .

wpid-wp-1441988022705.jpg wpid-wp-1441988074198.jpg

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade are working on Rosh Hashana apples.  This is a great lesson for building fine motor skills.  I encourage them to illustrate the apples on their own and if not – they can use an apple template to trace.  Next we outlined using a red crayon and made red swirls in the apple with the crayon as well.  Finally, we painted the apples in using red watercolor paint.  This lesson is really all about how to use and hold supplies, and of course – getting some cute apples out of it.

wpid-wp-1441988308573.jpg wpid-wp-1441988319731.jpg wpid-wp-1441988328724.jpg wpid-wp-1441988324234.jpg wpid-wp-1441988302633.jpg

Lastly, the 8th graders began painting their own color wheels in – that project was so involved I was unable to get photos of them working but I do have a pic of the end result.  For many – this was their first time mixing paint to create secondary and intermediate colors.  We still have a lot to learn! 😀


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