A Very Motivated Week

Although this week was short, the students have been extremely motivated: especially 8th grade!  We have been painting in our Kosher Fish in the 4th grades, 8th grade completed their color wheels, and early elementary have been illustrating whales which will be painted when we return from Sukkot Break.



wpid-wp-1443203520165.jpg wpid-wp-1443203513410.jpg wpid-wp-1443203507739.jpg

Students this week have been so awesome with helping out!  Two of my boys from 4A helped me clean out paint containers and 8th graders were helping each other out with getting the correct colors for the color wheel.  Motivation and Teamwork are definitely the key phrases of this week!  Wishing you all a happy Sukkot Break!  -Ms. Calleros

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Rosh Hashanah Comics

Middle school students this week were asked to create a mini comic of their most memorable Rosh Hashanah experience and they were given the freedom to be imaginary with this project.  There were some extroadinary creations!  Although they are still in the works – I must share some very promising comices 😉





This week’s artist of the week is Mr. Josh – he created such an amazing self-portrait – I was so impressed!  Good job Mr. Josh!  He later added freckles…incredible.


Lastly, 4th grade have been working on fish.  Last week students were given a step-by-step demo on how to illustrate a fish (which they all did great!) and this week we water color painted the fish.  The fish look awesome – I can’t wait for the parents to get to see them in person.   😀

wpid-wp-1442623555624.jpg wpid-wp-1442629165641.jpg

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

This week in Art….

This week in art has been a continuance of the week/s prior.  Students are completing their self-portraits and most are finished.  They look so cool!  The part that seemed to be most fun for the students was when they used their neighbor as a “mirror” and the neighbor would help them pinpoint the location of their unique features such as beauty marks and dimples.   The kids have been asking to take their self-portraits home already, but I’d like to hang a few them up around the school first 🙂 .

wpid-wp-1441988022705.jpg wpid-wp-1441988074198.jpg

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade are working on Rosh Hashana apples.  This is a great lesson for building fine motor skills.  I encourage them to illustrate the apples on their own and if not – they can use an apple template to trace.  Next we outlined using a red crayon and made red swirls in the apple with the crayon as well.  Finally, we painted the apples in using red watercolor paint.  This lesson is really all about how to use and hold supplies, and of course – getting some cute apples out of it.

wpid-wp-1441988308573.jpg wpid-wp-1441988319731.jpg wpid-wp-1441988328724.jpg wpid-wp-1441988324234.jpg wpid-wp-1441988302633.jpg

Lastly, the 8th graders began painting their own color wheels in – that project was so involved I was unable to get photos of them working but I do have a pic of the end result.  For many – this was their first time mixing paint to create secondary and intermediate colors.  We still have a lot to learn! 😀


Pre-Nursery Art 08/31/15

This past Monday I had the pleasure of going to the Pre-Nursery building and teaching the 3 and 4 year old children.  We began with a reading of Peter H. Reynold’s book The Dot.  the dot

I love reading this book to my younger students because it helps them understand that anything can be art – even something as simple as a Dot. The children listened very well and then we began our project which was creating abstract works of art using Dots. We used Q-tips to create teeny dots and different sized pom poms (clipped with clothes pins for gripping) to create larger dots. We encouraged the students to mix paints so they could see how the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue – can create other colors such as green, purple and orange.

The students did a terrific job and I hope the parents enjoy hanging these on their fridges or in the children’s room.  Big thanks to their teachers and assistants who aided in this project going so smoothly!